BAM Academy™


BAM Academy™ is the movement and fitness program you’ve always wanted but you maybe didn’t know it, yet. We specialize in FUN based fitness through Parkour, Ballistic Movements and Gymnastics programs. With experienced coaches in all three disciplines, followers of the program can expect to learn proficiency in movement in a fun, safe facility dedicated to these disciplines. There is no other facility like this in Texas.

BAM Academy™ teaches people from ages 5 to 55+.  Movement is for EVERYONE, not just the already young and fit, or old and experienced. Movement is a vital part of our nature and we all deserve to have the freedom of movement. You deserve to be able to move efficiently and smoothly through any environment whether you’re racing up a flight of stairs, or playing Indiana Jones in a forest.

The Gym

Bam Academy runs all sorts of amazing programs right here out of this gym.  Everything from our famous BAMposium to our classes and summer camps. We know you’re waiting to get a peak of the 7,500 sq ft Parkour space and here you go!

The Coaches

Matthew Lee Willis (Owner), Founder of BAM Academy Matthew Lee Willis is the founder and organizer of Texas Parkour, Texas Parkour Academy and Parkour Federation. With over 10 years of parkour and gymnastics experience, he has worked with organizations to train and certify athletes and coaches. Matthew has his BA in Theatre and in his spare time, is both an actor and stunt artist. With Parkour Federation, Matthew has developed a national certification for coaching athletes as well as training guidelines for parkour academies. Matthew has been published in every major news service in Texas as well as publications in the New York Times and the front page of Yahoo News. As a 2nd Generation Parkour athlete he learned, trained and taught with the originators of the parkour discipline.

Dominic Barajas (Owner) has been with BAM since the beginning and trains Parkour and many other forms of movement every day. he came on to coach with BAM Academy in October of 2013 and even helped with our awesome name change. Dominic is a licensed EMT and is currently in charge of our youth Parkour program.


Ruben Olguin (Owner)
has been with BAM since we opened in April of 2013 and now an Owner. He is an ex-paratrooper (82nd Airborne) and 1990 Gulf War Veteran who has supported the military since 1989. He has been in charge of our Parkour Conditioning classes as well as our LvL 1 Programs. “Unlike most other trainers…I have been in the trenches. I’ve helped many active duty and retired military reach new levels of physical fitness….with improvement in as little as two weeks!”





Jacob Galvan
– Coach Jacob has been with us almost since the beginning of BAM and receiving his formal training from us, including his coaches certification! Coach Jacob usually walks in wearing his trademark grin and is loved by the kids here. Jacob has the benefit of running our off site programs including schools and Private schools.