BAM Academy™


BAM Academy™ is the movement and fitness program you’ve always wanted but you maybe didn’t know it, yet. We specialize in FUN based fitness through Parkour, natural movement and gymnastics programs. With experienced coaches in all three disciplines, followers of the program can expect to learn proficiency in movement in a fun, safe facility dedicated to these disciplines. There is no other facility like this in Texas.

BAM Academy™ teaches people from ages 5 to 55. If you happen to lie outside that age range, don’t worry, we’ll train you too. Point being, movement is for EVERYONE. Not just the already young and fit, or old and experienced. Movement is a vital part of our nature and we all deserve to have the freedom of movement. You deserve to be able to move efficiently and smoothly through any environment whether you’re racing up a flight of stairs, or playing Indiana Jones in a forest.

txpklogo2Texas Parkour is the premier Parkour organization in the lower United States. Texas Parkour is one of the longest standing Parkour Organizations in the world. Texas Parkour has taught Parkour and the true art and discipline to over 10,000 people all over the world.


MovnatTexas200MovNat Texas is a MovNat partner of MovNat. MovNat Texas is an organization to build natural movement communities throughout Texas. Tracy is highly sought after as a coach going to conventions all over the United States and teaching workshops in several states.